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Don't quit yet.

Reimagine your career as a Pediatrician to live your best life.

Dr. Jennifer Shaer

Pediatrician, Chief Wellness Officer of Allied Physicians Group

Certified Executive and Life Coach

Dr Jennifer Shaer

I teach mid-career female pediatricians who are fed up and burned out how to save their current career or create a new one in order to live their best life.

You can:

  • Regain quality time for yourself and your family

  • Love your career again, or find one you do

  • Take charge of your future

Let's Talk About Your Future:

At this point...

You're barely getting by, you manage the stress and can get through the days, and you keep telling yourself you'll "survive" until retirement, but don't you deserve more out of life?

  • You thought you'd get to this point and everything would be perfect.

  • You're facing more and more pressure at the office, and you're losing your connection to the reason you became a pediatrician in the first place.

  • The stress has you ready to quit, but what else can you do?

  • You're too young to retire and too old to keep working this hard.

  • You feel you should be happy and feel guilty that you dread going to work.

But wait, you don't need to quit.  You don't need to give up on a career you've worked so hard to build.

There is another, better way.

I understand exactly how you feel.

I've been right where you are - feeling defeated, unfulfilled, and stuck several times in my career.  On top of that was the guilt for feeling ungrateful for what looked like a perfect life on paper.

I can help you because I figured out how to help myself.

I continue to evolve and grow in my career, as a mother, a spouse, and an individual, and I am passionate about helping fellow pediatricians do the same.  We are all committed to helping our young patients but what better way to support the children than by giving them happy, engaged pediatricians to watch over them?

I can help you be your best, truest self so that you can continue to bring your gifts to the world.

Let me help you change the reality of your situation so you can enjoy your career or have the courage to move forward on a new path.

Work with me privately:

1:1 coaching on “Designing Act 2, just for you.”

Our confidential sessions are a safe place for you to share your challenges.  I’ve heard it all and helped many move from a place of total burnout and frustration to peace and contentment.

My coaching and support are individualized to support your specific situation.  I’m your guide, sounding board, and trusted mentor.

Everything can change for the better quickly, and you’ll be so glad you’ve gotten the outside help you’ve needed.  ​

Here’s how you can get started:



Schedule a time for a conversation. 

Share with me what’s happening for you, and I’ll share the details of how I can support you.



Work with me to overcome burnout so you can learn how to regain control of your time. Work to reignite your passion for your career, make a plan for the life you had always intended to have, and take charge of your future.



Enjoy your day-to-day with your family and friends and in your professional life. Experience the life you have worked so hard to have.  Feel the freedom of life without the burdens you once had.  Have the career of your dreams.

Jennifer Shaer has been featured in:

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 " I have worked with several other coaches,  however, my experience with Dr. Shaer was different than the rest. She is supportive and caring and her insights are spot on. She has helped me take my career development to the next level.  It has been life-changing to have had this encouragement at this stage in my life. "-MC
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You've given so much to so many.

You deserve to take back control of your career and live your best life, and I can help.  My mission is to help overworked, burned-out physicians thrive!

You've earned this.

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